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Important Notes about AfterMath Live

AfterMath Live is a very exciting offering, because it can be used on any operating system, including Apple iOS. There are a few important notes to share about using AfterMath Live, namely that it’s a streaming, cloud-based application and not a local installed version.

Important Notes about Setup and Loading Time

Each time you login and start a new AfterMath Live session, the server to which you are connecting performs installation and preparation. This process takes anywhere from 30 – 90 seconds. You will see a loading spinner as shown below. Please allow up to 90 seconds for the page to load AfterMath Live.

Loading (Reserving your session) screen - classic portal - important notes
Classic Portal Loading Screen
Loading (Reserving your session) screen - new portal - important notes
New Portal Loading Screen

Important Notes about Non-Persistent Sessions

To keep AfterMath Live affordable, and your data secure, we have not enabled persistence. This means that each time you login to AfterMath Live, the session is new. There is no memory of previous work and nothing saved will be available. This means each time you use AfterMath Live, it is as if you have never used it before. You can still upload archives from prior sessions, but they will not be available unless you upload them. Data are never saved between sessions. Be sure to review our help document about uploading, downloading, and saving data in AfterMath Live.

Important Notes about Concurrent Use Across Multiple Logins

AfterMath Live (whether fixed or subscription based access) doe not allow for concurrent users. This means each user can only have one active session at a time. If the currently logged-in user accesses AfterMath Live in another tab or another browser (or on another computer), they will be connected to the original streaming session. This means that only one user can control AfterMath Live at a time. One license cannot be used by more than one person at a time.

Need Additional Help or Have Questions?

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