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How to Get AfterMath Live

AfterMath Live requires an active license to use. At this time, customers in the United States can purchase a license online. Users in other countries and regions should contact us for a quotation and to process the sale with a standard process (not online). Here’s how to get AfterMath Live:

Step 1
browse online - how to purchase AfterMath Live
Review our the license options for AfterMath Live. We offer student, basic, and research edition licenses, each having their own set of features. Compare the different license types to learn about which edition contains the best features for your application.

Step 2
buy online - how to purchase AfterMath Live
Purchase your desired AfterMath Live license(s). Some are available for a fixed length of time, where others have monthly or yearly subscription access. This way, you can pay as you go and only when you need to use the software. As soon as your transaction is completed, you will be logged into the website. Your order will be reviewed as soon as possible (Monday through Friday, 9 AM – 5 PM ET) by Pine Research staff. Once review is complete, you will receive a final email with receipt, which is your indication you can now launch AfterMath Live.

Step 3
launch - how to purchase AfterMath Live
Once you have purchased a license, click the “Launch AfterMath Live” button in the right sidebar. Your session will open in a new tab. You’re all set – now you know how to get AfterMath Live – tell all your friends how easy it is. Enjoy Simulating!