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Electrochemical Simulation is highly useful for many applications. For pedagogy, use of AfterMath Live teaches the lost art of comparative simulation. For research, comparative simulation leads to extracting useful mechanistic parameters. Here, we present the Sim Library, which is an open access library of real electrochemical data (some of which have been obtained using Pine Research potentiostats).

Members of the electrochemical community have graciously contributed to these datasets. The Sim Library entries make comparative simulation accessible and possible for many users.

When teaching a course that includes electrochemistry, instructors should use electrochemical simulation. Instructors might assign homework to students, where they learn how to couple electrochemical simulation with real experimental data. In this comparative simulation approach, students are presented with a cyclic voltammogram of an electrochemically active species. They are not provided with mechanistic details. Through comparative simulation, students design and propose a mechanism by qualitatively fitting their simulation model with real electrochemical data.

If you are a student, you are in the right place! You can fire up AfterMath Live in a browser tab and download any of these datasets from the Sim Library. Then, upload them to your AfterMath Live session to begin comparative simulation.

If you are an instructor, you should contact us so we can assign the proper credentials to your account so you can download the “answer key,” which is the simulation node and experimental data in one AfterMath Live archive.

Want to Contribute?
We are always happy to add more datasets to this growing Sim Library.
2047CECECAcetaminophen on Screen-Printed Electrode (1), , Pine ResearchViewexperimentalcececcomplicated screen-printed-electrode tylenol
1914EHexaammineruthenium(III) chloride on Screen-Printed Electrode (1), , Pine ResearchViewexperimentalecommon-species screen-printed-electrode simple
1908ECEElectrochemical Methods (3rd Edition) Figure 13.3.25, Pine ResearchViewsimulationeceelectrochemical-methods recreation
1900EEElectrochemical Methods (3rd Edition) Figure 13.3.23, Pine ResearchViewsimulationeeelectrochemical-methods recreation
1894EEElectrochemical Methods (3rd Edition) Figure 13.3.22, Pine ResearchViewsimulationeeelectrochemical-methods recreation
1889EEElectrochemical Methods (3rd Edition) Figure 13.3.21, Pine ResearchViewsimulationeeelectrochemical-methods recreation
1884EEElectrochemical Methods (3rd Edition) Figure 13.3.20, Pine ResearchViewsimulationeeelectrochemical-methods recreation
1855EEElectrochemical Methods (3rd Edition) Figure 13.3.16, Pine ResearchViewsimulationeeelectrochemical-methods recreation
1207CEElectrochemical Methods (3rd Edition) Figure 13.3.13, Pine ResearchViewsimulationceelectrochemical-methods recreation
1205ECElectrochemical Methods (3rd Edition) Figure 13.3.9, Pine ResearchViewsimulationecelectrochemical-methods recreation
1203ECEElectrochemical Methods (3rd Edition) Figure 13.3.4, Pine ResearchViewsimulationeceelectrochemical-methods recreation
795ECElectrochemical Methods (3rd Edition) Figure 13.3.1, Pine ResearchViewsimulationecelectrochemical-methods recreation