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AfterMath Live – Software Updates

Periodically, our software engineering team updates AfterMath Live software. This page will keep a record of what changed. Changes will include bug fixes, new features, and updates to existing features.

Part of what makes AfterMath Live so unique is that it is actively supported by our team at Pine Research. As a result, we are continually improving the software – both the engine and the interface. Over time, you can expect AfterMath Live to grow in capabilities and features.

Another keep aspect of AfterMath Live is that the software is made available streaming in a browser. This means we actively maintain your version and ensure you have the latest version with all the newest features and fixes.

205509/16/20231.6.12298Collection of bug fixes and improvements.Bug Fix, Revised dialog asking for archive name when adding new archive or simulation node.
Core Update, Updated simulation engine to address an issue causing concentration profile to be asymmetric in select specific cases, like EEEE.
Core Update, Updated simulation engine to address when Gauss Jordan algorithm detect a singular matrix and returns a Math Overflow error, in select specific cases like EEEE with fully reversible reaction steps.
Bug Fix, Addressed unintentional limit in species labels (A through Z).
Bug Fix, Addressed issue in the conversion of pre-defined (template) mechanism to user-defined mechanism.
157308/16/20231.6.12282Last minute updates following site launch.New Feature, Add save as dialog each time an archive is added to AfterMath. This allows users to rename the archive name immediately.
Core Update, Added notice to main toolbar: "SAVE AND DOWNLOAD BEFORE ENDING YOUR SESSION!"
Change, Temporarily disabled auto-save feature. This feature needs further development before being made available.
Change, Updated error message modal dialog text to better indicate the reason for error.
150208/14/20231.6.12264Initial release. This is the first version of AfterMath Online released publicly on aftermathlive.com.Core Update, Added support for AfterMath Online, including a variety of unique features, settings, and layouts for online use. This version differs from that used to control instruments.View